122.Robyn Outram(non-registered)
Just found your card in my drawer and had to take another look. I bought Jasper 1000 faces ( and a couple more) several years ago in Claremont and treasure it. Am going travelling for a couple years, but want to be able to find you next time I settle down.
112.Bruce Cox(non-registered)

Met you at the Manitou Springs art festival, we were chatting about nautiloids and ammonoids.
First off, your work, especially on aluminum, is amazing. I want to truly thank you for bring more beauty into our world.

Also thank you for the pamphlet, I adore your work, and having your website allows me to browse.
111.Teresa Draper(non-registered)
I bought two of your masterpieces at Rock Pick Legends in Utah. I am so impressed by your work! They look amazing on my walls.

I just want you to know how grateful I am to have such beautiful art. You are incredibly talented and I definitely will purchase others.
68.D. Sheer(non-registered)
Please come to the Four Corners region - shows in Durango, Telluride, Montrose, etc.
61.Denise Sonnichsen(non-registered)
Love your work!!!
60.Jamie Chancer(non-registered)
love your work mike. Your skill really shows.
49.Cyndy Mandell(non-registered)
Your photos are beautiful showing the enter qualities or mother nature.
48.Joshua Samshuijzen(non-registered)
Your work has illuminated the extreme beauty in this area of life for me and also for many others I am sure.Thank you!
Met you in Montrose and purchased 3 that were kind enough to ship to us. ENTRYWAY IS MAGNIFICENT!!! Saw you again in TEMPE. Im sure we will cross path again.
Met you in La Jolla just as the you were closing. Items are so beautiful we are on our way back to see them again.
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